Thursday, March 30, 2006

New comment on Dr Motl's blog

Dr Lubos Motl, esteemed Harvard University string theorist, has a new post up on his blog:

There he says that because string theory is in his opinion the 'theory of everything', it may potentially be used by the police to decide what murder suspects to arrest:

'Such a theory might, in principle, also include the answer to the question Why did Mary Winkler kill her husband... The only problem is that our current knowledge of string theory is not sufficient to calculate observables such as the motive of this particular murder. It is also too primitive to be able to save Matthew Winkler's life ...'

For more about the con of string theory, see here and here. I notice that a forthright commentator on Lubos' blog has doubts, too. In case Lubos deletes the comment, it is reproduced here:

Before "theory of everything" - string theory - is used to predict murder suspects, it should be used to predict something about the subject called PHYSICS, you silly ...


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