Monday, July 02, 2007

For the record

"Yes, I have verified that the only talk at "Loops 2007" that was not a meaningless pile of nonsense was a popular talk by Moshe Rozali about the current state of background independence according to string theory." - Harvard Assistant physics Professor Lubos Motl,

From the "fast comments" included in the above-quoted blog post:

Lubos: Your comment about the Loops talks is as stupid as insulting, as you haven't heard any of them. -B.

PS: Yes, Moshe's talk was very interesting and definitly among the better ones.

Bee Homepage 07.02.07 - 9:26 am #

Dear Bee, I have read abstracts plus relevant pieces of bulk of papers of all these talks except for Lee Smolin who hasn't written it down but who spoke about left-right asymmetric octopi after plastic surgery.

I know exactly Moshe's opinions about background independence and he surely made a lot of sense but I insist that his talk was a popular talk. Crackpots at these conferences - such as Loops 2007 - have the problem that they are not able to recognize real science from its popularization.

They are not able to recognize patent stupidities from scientific arguments, and neither can you.

LuboŇ° Motl Homepage 07.02.07 - 9:33 am #

It's tragic to see such brilliant physicists insulting one another like this.


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